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Ingénieur Devops/Cloud

Publié le 30/04/2019

Grenoble, notre contact recherche 2 profils Ingénieurs Devops/Cloud.


Contexte de la prestation


Presentation of DevOps and Support Team: Focus DevOps practice

DevOps and Support team is part of IoT& Digital offers practice which is a major contributor of the digital strategy creating new business and technology capabilities for the group to develop Internet of Things enabled offers and grow Digital Services (Connected and Managed services) to support our customers in their efficiency and sustainability challenges.

DevOps and support activities cover the transition between R&D phase and Run phase for the whole IoT& Digital offers’ s scope. As part of supporting this transition or team is organized to cover its main challenges:
DevOps practice : 
Automation : Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Operations…
Mutualized DevOps Stack (multi-cloud).
DevOps Best Practices enforcement & harmonization (Integrated model with DevOps embedded in R&D teams)
Non-Functional Requirements enforcement
Operation as a Service : 
Run at scale
End to end operations: infrastructure + app + performance + SecOps
Incident & Problem management
Support : 
24/7 Service Desk, 
Service Management, 
Knowledge Management


Définition de la prestation

DevOps practice is a growing team composed of 10 DevOps engineers located in France and US, working as Embedded DevOps (inside R&D teams, improving the DevOps maturity on their scope) or as Transversal DevOps contributing to practices & technologies harmonization and mutualization, for the benefice of every projects. 

We are looking for a talented DevOps engineer to join our DevOps practice as an embedded DevOps


Embedded DevOps responsibilities 

As part of co-ownership of DevOps responsibilities with R&D teams, the embedded DevOps will initiate, maintain, support R&D and provide accompaniment on the following topics:

R&D activities : 
- Automation: Continuous integration, Delivery, deployment, operations automation 
- Alignment with DevOps best practices : 
            - Reference implementations enforcement, 
            - Usage of mutualized DevOps stack.
- Recovery strategy: Back-up, Restore, Roll back, DRP
- Infrastructure optimization: sizing Performance, design by costs, HA, resiliency…
- Logging strategy: optimization and centralization
- Monitoring design: Infrastructure, Logs, application, performance, business.
- Automate QA Framework setup & integration with deployment.
- Dev infrastructure costs follow up

RUN activities : 
- Delivery tasks & Deployment knowledge transfer toward OPS team
- Support or contribute on demand to deployments in managed environments
- Troubleshooting in case of escalation
- Contribute to continuous improvement process with RUN teams :

        - Documentation and knowledge transfer improvement.

        - Gather monitoring needs, IRP or Administration tasks automation …

Contribution to transversal activities : 
Design and implement best practices reference implementations
     - Infrastructure as code

     - Monitoring as code
     - Cloud resources configuration
     - Practices & Technology watch 
Evolve and maintain mutualized tools :
     - CI-CD : Source control, Build, Unit, Tests Code Scan, Artifacts repository.

     - Deployment: Orchestration, Configuration management, script orchestration.
     - Supervision: Log centralization, secret management, monitoring solutions.
     - Security : Applications scan, vulnerabilities watch…
DevSecOps activities :

Plan Projet, Principaux jalons

DevOps maturity of the R&D team will be evaluated every two months and so priorities will be defined according achievements considering the duration of R&D iterations.


Environnement technique :

- Cloud platform (order by priority): Azure, AWS
- VSTS (continuous integration & Delivery & Deployment)
- Scripting: PowerShell, Python 
- Infrastructure as code : ARM, Terraform
- Operating system: Windows & Linux
- Configuration management: Chef, Ansible Kubernetes, docker
- Continuous integration and delivery: Git, VSTS (Azure DevOps), Jenkins
- Monitoring: App Insights, Azure monitor, Cloud watch, Dynatrace…
- Collaboration : JIRA confluence
- Centralized login: ELK, Alert Logic,…

Other skills : 

- Very good communication skills to ease synchronization between R&D and RUN phase
- Ability to guide / Influence the work of a team to improve DevOps maturity
- Experience of run phases to understand challenges related to transition with R&D.
- Familiar with nonfunctional requirements: Logs, Backup, DRP, Resilient design ect…
- Experience in agile project (Safe is a +)
- Proactive and autonomous
- Experience of international project
- English: Professional

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