Discover the French wage portage (“Portage Salarial”) solution :
guaranteed simplicity and ease-of-mind

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Discover French umbrella campany (“Portage Salarial”)

Discover French umbrella campany
(“Portage Salarial”)

Wage portage is the perfect solution that combines independence with employee benefits.

The consultant chooses their clients and negotiates their own rates, without the intervention of the portage company. They handle their own projects and clients totally independently.

The consultant relies on the portage company to manage contacts, invoicing, and professional expenses.

Wage portage involves a three-party contractual relationship between the consultant-freelancer , Baya Consulting and the client company.

It consists of two contracts :

  • A service agreement between the client and the portage company negotiated by the consultant supported by the portage company.
  • An employment contract between the consultant and the portage company which pays the consultant a wage from the first month of the mission.

Why choose the wage portage status ?

Whether you are a jobseeker, a senior expert or simply looking to kickstart your business without taking too many risks, wage portage is the perfect solution.

You entrust us with your administrative management

  • No need to register and to go through all the red tape of starting up a business.
  • Our company will relieve you of administrative tasks. We will also manage your invoices so you can focus on your core business.
  • No fees or contributions paid over no-invoice periods.
  • No surprises and complete transparency: you know, from the beginning of your mission, the sum of your expected salary and of social contributions.
  • No minimum length of commitment.

You benefit from employee status (medical, pension and disability & death insurance, unemployment insurance and professional training).

You are not alone ! We are here to advise you and you join a network
You become part of a network, an essential asset for the development of your business. You no longer experience the isolation of working alone which you may have felt in the past.

All the advantages   Why choose Baya Umbrella Company ?

Wage portage for businesses
Better management of your external consultants !

By using umbrella company services, you avoid much time-consuming red tape and optimize your outsourcing strategy.

The expert you select enjoys complete French employee coverage.


legal securityLegal

  • Umbrella company brings you a worry-free, clear legal framework : Act No. 2015-380 of April 2, 2015 precisely defines the terms and conditions of this status.
  • Our professional civil liability insurance covers their mission.


simplified administrativeSimplified administrative
and HR management, controlled budget

  • Baya umbrella company covers all French administrative and social formalities. We pay the consultant’s wages.
  • Strengthen your workforce temporarily without impacting your payroll.
  • You negotiate directly with the freelancer/expert. We draw up the service agreement and invoice the service.

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